Why India?

India is home to the highest number of young people in the world, many of whom have access to the Internet on their mobile phone. This offers Love Matters an unprecedented opportunity to deliver SRHR information to those who are neglected by traditional sex education programmes and family planning services.

India has traditionally had conservative views regarding sexuality and sex education, with some states even banning sex education entirely. According to the National AIDS Control Organisation, this absence of the right guidance and information means young people are more likely to “have multi-partner unprotected sex with high risk behaviour groups”, while a culture of shame and silence surrounding topics related to relationships and sex leaves young people in a vulnerable position.

200,000 people reached per month

How we engage

Love Matters India seeks to address topics relating to love and reproductive health openly and without shame, taking into consideration the cultural and religious values of the target audience. As well as providing users with easy-to-access resources, personal stories and articles on reproductive health, with the help of expert sexual health partners the team will answer questions that people may be too afraid or embarrassed to ask offline.

Over 700,000 FB followers – making us the most popular SRHR page in India.

Love Matters India is a digital media initiative that uses a hybrid approach of a responsive site and social media platforms. This allows our users to access reliable information using their mobile phones or personal computers safely and anonymously. They can then chose whether they simply read our content or extend their interaction to engage more directly, joining our discussion board, asking questions via emails or private Facebook messages, or posting comments. We receive hundreds of messages and comments every day.

One of the main pillars of the Love Matters approach is building engaged and increasingly informed communities through the use of social media. We aim to stimulate conversation, open sensitive subjects up for discussion, and provide people with the trusted Love Matters material on Facebook and Twitter.

"Thanks a lot Auntyji. I am very happy. You have helped so many people by giving solutions to common problems. I strongly wish that you continue your great work. Thanks a lot once again. "

Raja Rajput

"I admire your writing style and the information in this excellent article. It's plain to see your information is well-researched and written. Thanks for sharing. "

Lindsey Miyahira

"These tips helped me very much when my girlfriend and I had sex for the first time."


Local partners

Love Matters’ ability to engage our communities and create space for debate and transformation relies upon the unique understanding we have of the audiences we target and our ability to reach them. We can do this much more effectively by working with local partners who are directly engaged with these communities and their issues.

Over 14 million people reached.

In India we are currently working with Ford Foundation, Tarshi, Youth Ki Awaaz, Amar Ujala, DC India, Packard Foundation and BSNL.