Why China?

The demand for reliable, science-based and sex-friendly sex education in China is significant. Love Matters offers an innovative solution to a challenge China faces. According to research carried out by Love Matters China and Beijing Forestry University in 2014, almost half of Chinese people aged between 18 and 30 are not given sex education at school. Love Matters China addresses the 70 percent of people who end up looking online for the information not available elsewhere.

Current discourse around sex in China is largely coloured by shame and negativity, focusing on disease and family planning. Love Matters China embodies an open and pleasure positive approach to sex and relationships, allowing its target audience of young people to access reliable information without fear or shame.

Love Matters China seeks to address topics relating to love and reproductive health openly, taking into consideration the cultural values of the target audience. As well as providing users with easy-to-access resources, personal stories and articles on reproductive health, with the help of expert sexual health partners, the team will answer questions that people may be too afraid or embarrassed to ask offline.

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How we engage

Love Matters China is a digital media initiative that uses a hybrid approach of a responsive site and Chinese social media platforms. This approach allows our users to access reliable information using their mobile phones or personal computers safely and anonymously. They can then choose whether they simply read our content or extend their interaction to engage more directly, asking questions via emails or private messages, or posting comments. We receive hundreds of messages and comments every day.

One of the main pillars of the Love Matters approach is building engaged and increasingly informed communities through the use of social media. We aim to stimulate conversation, open sensitive subjects up for discussion, and provide people with the trusted Love Matters material on Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo.

"Love Matters China is informative and comprehensive, written in a language easily accessible to young people in China."

Xu Xiaoyang

"I’m happy that Love Matters China has been launched. It’s a reliable website with an international perspective."

Peng Xiaohui

"Love Matters China has done a good job. Please click on the link and enjoy the article! We strongly recommend it!” Ziwei Yanjiuzu, a research group on masturbation."

Ziwei Yanjiuzu

Local Partners

Love Matters’  ability to engage our communities and create space for debate and transformation relies upon the unique understanding we have of the audiences we target and our ability to reach them. We can do this much more effectively by working with local partners who are directly engaged with these communities and their issues.

In China we are currently working with Marie Stopes, Danlan.org, PFLAG, World Association of Chinese Sexologists, the Research and Education Center at the Harbin Medical University, Chongqing Sexology Association, People’s University of China, China Kingsey, Beijing Forest University, Sina, Tecent Wibo, Netease and Guokr.

We also collaborate with respected scholars and local research institutes to establish credibility as a reliable source of knowledge and information. Columnists and consultants include top sexologists and sociologists such as Pan Suiming, Fang Gang, Li Yinhe, Xu Xiaoyang, Peng Xiaohui, Peng Tao, Ma Xiaonian and Zhen Hongli. We also provide a platform for young scholars, sex educators and activists to voice their opinions, among them Tong Li, Shen Qing, Lai Zhiwen and Luo Feng (@女王C-cup).

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1,477,779 tencent weibo followers.

Love Matters China is the winner of the NetEase Award for best media of the year 2015.